About Us

Your Hometown Athletic Team

Stumptown Athletic is more than your link to "The beautiful game" - it's your link to our incredible local community.

Hundreds of years ago, our community started as rolling woodlands, home to beautiful stands of trees. Settlers attracted to the area cleared land to build sprawling family farms; the acres of cut trees led to a new name: Stumptown.

Stumptown was a symbol of progress, of family and of community, and that’s what Stumptown Athletic is about.

Soccer has more than 43 million fans across the United States – and is one of the only sports seeing increases in those numbers. In just our local community, from South Charlotte to Matthews, Indian Trail to Monroe, there are tens of thousands of youth and adult players and fans.

The new Matthews Sportsplex hosts dozens of soccer teams and tournaments, and is the new home of Stumptown Athletic. Just moments down the road, fans will enjoy great soccer with a community block party feeling.

Whether you’re a dedicated soccer fan who follows every move of your team, a player who’s always ready for a pickup game, soccer parents who spend weekends on the field, or a member of our community ready for a great time while enjoying a locally brewed beer and great music, Stumptown Athletic is your hometown team.


“Drop a soccer ball anywhere in the world and you’ll see magic. From the Matthews Sportsplex to the streets of New York City, from shantytowns in Cameroon to beaches in South America, kids and adults alike will smile and start to play. Soccer – football – is a sport, but it’s also a way to come together. It’s a community. It’s love and friendship and bonding and friendly competition. That’s what I see for Stumptown Athletic. It’s kids and adults coming together to build bridges, set aside differences and enjoy each other.”


– Casey Carr, President and General Manager