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What is Stumptown Athletic?

  • Stumptown Athletic is North Carolina’s new division 3 professional soccer club and team. 
  • Stumptown Athletic will focus on youth player development and community investment.

Why “Stumptown” Athletic?

  • Stumptown Athletic is all about the local community – that’s where the name comes from.
  • When farmers first came to the Matthews area, they cleared so many trees in a short period of time, it was known as Stumptown – there’s history to the name.


  • Stumptown Athletic is part of the National Independent Soccer Association, a new association that’s kicking off this fall with 10 teams across the U.S. 
  • It’s an open league, like most soccer leagues around the world, and follows that hyper-local global model. 
  • As your league improves, higher-level teams can join, providing more opportunities to advance to the highest level of competition in the world. 
  • The owners and fans own the league and clubs are closely tied to the community, so, unlike franchise teams that can pick up and go to another city, they don’t move.

When will the team start?

  • Stumptown Athletic is moving fast! We’ll play our first game in early September, with four home games in the fall season and more in the spring season.

Where will Stumptown Athletic play?

  • The Matthews Sportsplex will be the new home of Stumptown Athletic. We are working out the schedule, and in the fall, we will play games at locations across the greater Charlotte area.


  • Up next – hiring a coach, then finding players, while we are also working through the logistics of making this a great fan experience.