Stumptown Athletic Women's World Cup Watch Party

Published Jun 26, 2019

North Carolina’s new professional soccer club and team, Stumptown Athletic, announced its inaugural season schedule. The team will play four home and four away games against the seven other clubs competing in the new National Independent Soccer Association: San Diego 1904 FC, Cal United Strikers FC, Atlanta SC, Philadelphia Fury, Miami FC, Los Angeles and Oakland Roots SC. Two additional clubs, Chattanooga FC and Detroit City, will also play NISA teams in exhibition matches. 

 North Carolina’s new professional soccer club and team, Stumptown Athletic, will make its official announcement, including details about team owners and managers, playing location and schedule, and timeline for hiring coaches and players. 

Stumptown Athletic is part of the National Independent Soccer Association, a new association that’s kicking off this fall with 10 teams across the U.S. It’s an open league, like most soccer leagues around the world, and follows that hyper-local global model. As your league improves, higher-level teams can join, providing more opportunities to advance to the highest level of competition in the world. The owners and fans own the league and clubs are closely tied to the community, so they don’t move. 

Story 1: Meet the team’s new president and general manager, find out what makes this team different from any others in the region, AND see the logo for the first time. 


The U.S. Women’s National Team takes on France in the quarterfinal match of the 2019 Women’s World Cup. It’s a big game, as the U.S. team is the defending champion and number-one team in the world, and they’re playing the host country and number-four team in the world. 

Story 2: The 12th Man By Hooligan’s expects hundreds of soccer fans to join them for a watch party. Talk to fans about their love of the game and what they think about the rise of soccer in the Charlotte area. *MEDIA IS CLEARED TO COME TO THE VENUE* 

 WHEN: 2 p.m. TOMORROW, FRIDAY, June 28, 2019 

*Game starts at 3 p.m. 

 WHERE: The 12th Man By Hooligan’s 

12206 Copper Way, Suite 124 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

 WHY YOU CARE: Soccer has more than 43 million fans across the United States and is one of the only sports seeing increases in those numbers. Just last weekend, Charlotte hosted the CONCACAF Gold Cup matches – with more than 59-thousand people packing Bank of America Stadium. Plus – Carolina Panthers Owner David Tepper is aggressively pursuing a Major League Soccer team in Charlotte. 

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